€ 17 million Series A for MAPIQ to accelerate growth

Mapiq, the leading workplace experience platform, announces the extension of its Series A financing round to € 17 million. The € 7 million extension is funded by Rinkelberg Capital (TomTom N.V. founders), ENERGIIQ, as well as existing early investors. Mapiq offers a smart-office solution that realizes a large CO2 reduction and allows for businesses to significantly cut down on their real estate costs.


Sander Schutte, the CEO of Mapiq notes on the continued relationship: “It is a strong sign of commitment that our investors show such confidence in our continuous progress. Due to the increasing need for hybrid working models, any organization worldwide is becoming a potential Mapiq user. This Series A extension enables us to meet this growing demand, develop new products, and further expand our market leadership position internationally.

Cutting down real estate costs and supporting sustainability goals

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated hybrid working globally. Now, organizations across all industries are embracing the opportunity to reinvent the way people work. A hybrid model helps organizations globally to lower costs, attract and retain talent, and strengthen organizational performance and culture (McKinsey 2022).

To adapt to this new reality, Mapiq supports employees with tools to orchestrate their team office days and to optimize their scheduling through customized suggestions. This, in turn, provides organizations with high-accuracy data, allowing to manage and continuously improve the utilization of their office spaces. As a result, businesses can cut down on real estate costs and support sustainability goals by creating more energy-efficient workplaces.

As these hybrid working trends accelerate, and inherently workplace technology becomes indispensable, Mapiq is entering new regions and investing further in the expansion of its team.

A truly performance-driven company

Marc Slendebroek, CEO of Rinkelberg Capital is looking forward to supporting Mapiq’s aspirations: “Mapiq is a truly innovative and performance driven company showing exceptional entrepreneurship in these turbulent times.”

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